We take the issues & myths about VA Loans head on in this revealing episode.
What is a VA loan & is it a lesser than conventional?
Who can qualify for a VA loan?
What is a COE and how does one get it?
When should a VA buyer sit down with a lender?
What makes a VA loan a better option for a Veteran?
What is a VA funding fee?
What closing costs MUST the seller pay?
What are examples of allowable and non-allowable closing costs to the buyer?
What is MPR and how can an experience listing and/or buyers agent help the buyer & seller avoid issues?
What happens if the appraisal comes in lower than purchase price?
Meet Tidewater, a game changer to contesting a low home valuation. You won’t find this special program on either conventional or FHA loans.
VA condo approval process, it’s never been easier and faster.